Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Very Old and Very Wet

 an·te·di·lu·vi·an (ăn'tē-dэ­-lōō'vē­-эn) adj. 1. Extremely old and antiquated. 2. Occurring or belonging to the era before the Flood written about in the Bible. --an'te·di·lu'vi·an n.

Ah, a word that I know!  This word has come over to the English language from the times when everyone believed the story of Noah and the flood.  Not only was that a long time ago, but people (and presumably animals of all kinds) got to be very old in those days.  Literally, the word means "before the flood. "  Another use of the prefix "ante" comes to us from "antebellum" (before the war) when referring to the War Between the States.  "Diluvian" is from the root from which we get the word "deluge."

This being my voice of self-expression, I get to use this opportunity to plug my book: Rise of Cain.  Available on line from Lulu.com (presently only as an ebook), I am tweaking "part four" a little to improve the climax somewhat.  In this book I try to capture a brand-new world rising to a point of success and tragedy.  For convenience I have set up both a blog and a Facebook page for the book.

Or you can go to Lulu directly and set up an account to by the book from them.  Both the blog and the Facebook page direct you there anyway.  I write as J. Henry Martin, and a ten-page preview takes you to the birth of Cain.  Head on over to one of these sites.

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