Saturday, September 15, 2012

A short note

trice (trīs) n. 1. A very short period of time; an instant. --trice tr.v. triced, tric·ing, tric·es. Nautical. To hoist and secure with a rope.

Here's just a short note, it won't take but a trice.  Funny, but I have never seen this word and it is only one syllable long.  I wonder how  it went from being "an instant" to a verb meaning to secure a rope?

I guess this could be used in a sequence -- trice, twice and thrice.  Anything that cannot be done in a trice may have to be done over to get it right.  I hope that sailors, when securing that rope, get it right the first time.

Well, if I write any more, I will not be giving the word justice.

Until next time, have a good evening.

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