Friday, September 07, 2012

Feeling "Blowsy"?

blow·zy also blow·sy (blou'zē) adj. blow·zi·er also  blow·si·er, blow·zi·est  blow·si·est. 1. Having a coarsely ruddy and bloated appearance. 2. Disheveled and frowzy; unkempt. --blow'zi·ly adv. --blow'zi·ness n.

Used in a sentence (link):

Come stroll with me through the blowzy gardens and wildflower meadow; gathering Black-eyed Susans, Ladybells and Queen Anne’s Lace for carefree bouquets.

I guess in some sense being blowzy is not a bad thing -- if you're a wild flower!  Anyway, this is how most of us feel upon getting up every morning - disheveled and frowsy.  Now why would the dictionary use another unusual word to describe a word that rhymes with it and "lousy" at the same time.

frow·zy also frow·sy (frou“z¶) adj. frow·zi·er also  frow·si·er, frow·zi·est  frow·si·est. 1. Unkempt; slovenly. 2. Having an unpleasant smell; musty. --frow“zi·ness n.

Okay, I'm guessing that the second definition is a connotation in both cases, for a garden amonst fruit trees (the contest of the quote) certainly can be unkempt, but would not have an unpleasant smell -- quite the opposite, as is the point of the blog in which I found the quote.

The primary meaning of "blowsy," it appears, would be limited to a rather poor image - a medical or physical condition that indicates real problems.  Coarse ruddiness and bloating can't be good.  Brings to my mind a drunk and obese person (particular ones come to mind, but I don't want to be disrespectful of public figures!).

Personally, the way my ankles swell, by the time I go to bed in the evening they are looking rather blowsy even if I am otherwise feeling quite well.  Oh well, enough about me.  If this is posted, it means I couldn't find anything else to post!  Until next time, have a pleasant day!

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