Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some more fall colors

This time I will start with a "close-up." Here is a little evergreen, surrounded with its perennial neighbors in their changing colors.

Then there were the full grown unashamedly changelings:

And then, there was this one (actually a cropped photo - my equipment doesn't frame stuff this well!) which I named "Americana." Note the "spacious skies," "the purple mountains" and even the "amber waves of grain."

Then we got a little closer to one of the mountains:

And then a little further away again.

Well, I guess I'll get back to "serious" stuff soon enough. I hope anyone who comes this way enjoys the shots.


Susannah said...

I will leave a comment here.
Thanks for reminding me about that 20 year thing. Bush is not totally out of the woods yet.
What is your email?

Henry Martin said...

Thanks again for coming by. The safe guards of blogs keep the spammers away, so I probably shouldn't put my email here. :-)

I'll do it the safe way, though, since apparently no one visits this page much anyway.

My new E mail at google mail:

jhenrymartin {at} gmail {dot} com

As soon as you contact me I'll erase this post.