Friday, November 14, 2008

A Saturday afternoon drive

We started out south on I-385. Debbie had said the colors were good down Simpsonville way.

We ended up cutting over to Woodruff and up I-26 (pictures not shown), and then up I-85 (we got some video - I'll try to get some up if anyone wants to see. Just before Gafney, we got off at a rest area. The moon was in the sky.

And the sun shone through the trees.

Turning down Scenic Highway 11 we come upon this "piece of America" - you know, "spacious skies, purple mountain's majesty, and amber waves of grain." Not to mention an RV or two.

Finally, as we turned down Highway 25, we said good bye to the colors, and hello to a beautiful sunset.

In all we took over fifty pictures and a few videos. It was a good afternoon.


Susannah said...

Just lovely.
We had a splendid fall, didn't we?

Henry Martin said...

Indeed. I will probably post a few more pictures tonight or tomorrow. I had the privilege of seeing more color a bit further south today. I did not have a camera though. The colors around Lake Greenwood were a bit subdued, but quite impressive nonetheless.