Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama and "antichrist"

I apologize for the images here. Sometimes Blogger does not publish full-sized images. Above is pictured a dim view of the beginning of what looks to be an "interesting" study using Equal Letter Sequences (ELS) found throughout the Hebrew text. The more clusters of "words" beat chance occurrences, the more accurate the information found will be. And the longer a sequence goes, the rarer it is. "Obamah" (as spelled in Hebrew) is a five letter sequence - AOBMH, where the "A" is not pronouced (often written in transliterations as simply an apostrophe).

Six times the letters fall with NO GAPS. The above text is one of those. This text lead to an old "grid" that I did back in 1998. The one that leads off my new website is another one. This one has the "straight text" of 'Obama, though pronounce Ubama when read aloud.

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