Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saying too much?

While surfing to some blogs "related" to mine, I got the link to this site. There you can build your own church marquee. The blogger had a fictional "dueling signs" post.

The above picture is of a real sign of which the "sign generator" collects from users of his site. This sign just about says it all (literally)!

A notice at the page says you can't link directly to the image, but I found it quite easy, really. I guess they want you to enjoy the REST of their site. It really IS quite entertaining.

A good rule of thumb with signs is to limit useful information to maybe fifteen words or so. The more precise the better. You'd have to stop the car to read this sign. Then what? Would you hurt their feelings if you didn't come in for a visit?

If you want to use the sign generator, the "imagemajik" links were down when I was writing this. His "classics," though, seemed to be working. I think the faq's revealed that he used readily available source code on those. Anyway, there were a lot of interesting real signs sent in

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