Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"You didn't have a baby, you had a fetus"

How utterly heartless to say such a thing to a grieving mother of a stillborn child. But such is the mindset of the pro-abortion crowd. The state official that explained to Joanne Cacciatore that a death certificate was all she would get was just pronouncing the "official" practice in most states. A baby is not "alive" until it breathes air.

This is patently false! And the abortionists know this. The science is so clear that the pro-abortion forces are against the movement that has gotten nineteen states -- including such bastions of liberalism as California and New Jersey! -- to pass laws allowing official documentation of the births. But Democratic governor Bill Richardson (who happens to be "running" for president) has vetoed a bill that would have given babies in New Mexico this honor.

How can someone be granted a "death certificate" without first having LIFE? That is a logical inconsistency if language means anything at all. What a stillbirth amounts to is a spontaneous late-term abortion. A majority of "abortions" used to be just "stillbirths," for intentional acts of violence against a developing child was thought to be barbaric. Unfortunate deaths of developing children were grieved as any such tragic deaths were.

Thankfully, South Carolina is one of the states that offer certificates. But three cheers -- and accolades -- to Indiana, Missouri, and Arizona! These states not only offer certificates, they give tax exemptions for the child. Now THAT'S commitment to life.

Chart and story

I read this first in the NYTimes Headlines online edition, Seeing the headline there, I immediately thought of the "abortion debate." And sure enough, that angle received its due. I was a surprised that some at Planned Parenthood were soft to the idea of giving the parents ways to greive their loss.

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