Sunday, May 06, 2007

Not Quite Solomon

For my small readership, I offer this test (available here for a limited time). On the side bar of the New York Times online, the teaser was an offer to test by Monica Ardelt from the University of Florida to assess one's "wisdom." Since fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, I was not sure how well I would do on such a test. Thirty-nine questions later, I find out (at least according to this scientist's test) that I am moderately wise.

I suppose this is about right, since I am probably two-thirds of the way through life. That would mean, of course, that I project myself to live another 27 years at least! At least by the age of 81 I might rate an 4.5. Since my grandmother Allen was my oldest surviving grandparent at 88, I suppose the 81 is reasonable. I have surmised elsewhere that my unusually good health might have "condemned" me to the life of a centenarian. If I do, then I guess I might attain the covetted rating of "5" on the good doctor's scale.

I wonder what HER score was? :-)

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Moggy said...

I'm not sure about this test, I consider myself to be fairly wise and I came out with a 3.2 ;-(