Sunday, May 27, 2007

Reasoning with Liberals

I am beginning to wonder if you can even reason with the liberals any more. Coming from the New York Times, the reporters try to be reasonable as they report the what appears to be spiteful decision of the top Democratic contenders to even appear on a Fox News sponsered debate. It even has the Liberal media confused:

by Raymond Hermandez and Jacques Steinberg

[T]he leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus began looking for a television outlet to co-sponsor and broadcast a presidential debate to address the concerns of minority voters.

Only one news channel made an acceptable proposal, and an unlikely channel at that: Fox News, in what some Democrats viewed as an effort to associate itself with a group that could help it make good on its claim of presenting “fair and balanced” news coverage.

But now that relationship is being shaken by the decision of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, and former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina to shun the debate . . .

Fox’s proposal included broadcasting the debates in prime time, giving the caucus a say in selecting moderators and covering much of the production cost. . .

There is no reasoning with them. It is all about power with them. Compromise means agreeing with them, as we can see with the vitriol that continues even after a compromise has been worked out on immigration reform. Of course, the right wingers are just as opposed to the new bill. Many of them are no more willing to accept anything but their way either. There is no reasoning with them, either!

Fox News tries to be fair, but they apparently can't be balanced as long as news directors edit what is aired. Someone has to CHOOSE what is aired, and in that there is a bias. But to shun such a network because they can't control them -- that is not fair. Not to the network, nor to their viewers.

Perhaps the minority voters will see through the propoganda of the left in this most recent hypocrisy. Or not.

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