Saturday, February 10, 2007

"Illegal" Immigration, reconsidered

Several days, or perhaps weeks, ago I come across an interesting video of "border volleyball" over a 30 foot wall at the California-Mexico border. Unfortunately, I was just surfing the blogosphere and failed to bookmark the site. However, today I thought I would use Google maps and Mapquest to view the border. You can actually see a "line" from space across southern Arizona! Well, actually from an arial shot high above. [Some physics whiz or photographer can probably tell by the scale in the pictures below.] Anyway, look up "Walleyball" on YouTube for the video.

I included identically distant shots to indicate what an actual wall looks like. Most of my viewing today was on the border with no apparent fence. I wondered to myself about those making the difficult journey across desert to avoid the border guards. You can see that there is a large highway on the Mexican side that parallels the visible white line (dirt road?) at about a 200 foot distance. The actual line, according to the overlay, goes right by the structure. Pictures of trash strawn in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Park shows that the traffic is heavy.

It is in this park, though, that the truely ILLEGAL aliens often lurk. These are the drug and "slave" trafficers promising a "better" life to those they smuggle and to American drug users that demand their product! It is such scum of the earth that gunned down a dedicated public servant, a true hero in the war on terror, Kris Eggle. If we are to "fight" illegal activity, let us go after the truely ILLEGAL aliens, not those who are only guilty of being human.

If anything, in my virtual trip down the border, I have seen populations of people just wanting what is best for their families. Let us make it as "easy" for them as it was for our forfathers to come take this land.

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