Monday, February 19, 2007

Global Warming CAUSED the Ice Age

I have been meaning to post my thoughts on this "politically incorrect" minority opinon for weeks now. I remembered reading Walt Brown's In The Beginning concerning the Ice Age.
To find this article, go to and search for "Global Warming" on that page. That short overview presents valid scientific theory as to how a WARM earth is the ONLY way excessive evaporation could produce the snow necessary for the observed ice caps. In part it reads:

"For a few centuries after the flood (during the ice age), much of the moisture that evaporated from the warm oceans fell as snow and accumulated so rapidly on the cold continents that large Antarctic lakes are still covered by glaciers today. Heavy cloud cover from so much evaporation and from volcanic dust further cooled the continents. Large temperature differences between cold continents and warm oceans generated strong wind systems that quickly carried the moist air up and over the continents where it cooled and fell as snow. Each winter’s glacial advances were followed by summer glacial retreats; these yearly cycles left marks on earth that some mistakenly associate with multiple ice ages."

Dr. Walt Brown's work, with it's working theories that have predicted discoveries from salt water pockets under mountains to the composition of comets, is probably the best out there!

The rapid "cooling" caused by warm seas evaporating is generally accepted science. It HAD to be warm before the evaporation could get water into the air to dump large amounts of snow! QUICKLY.


hondo said...

I have read about this before and find it very interesting. An article i read the other day predicted that we are in the beggining stages of a new ice age now, and that within 10,000 years the earth will be frozen. I don't know if all of that is true or not. If it's going to be 10,000 years, I won't lose any sleep over it. I guess my main thought is that God is in control, and it is the height of arrogance on man's part to think that we can "tweak" God's creation like we would a household thermostat to effect any changes. The book of Job in the Bible makes it pretty clear what significance our abilities have when compared to the God of all creation.

Henry Martin said...

It's interesting that the theories put a time period as long or longer than recorded human history as the time frame for this effect. God's judgment of the flood brought on the ONLY ice age in a matter of centuries. And that was with a total "remaking" of the earth!

His next remaking will be total and permanent but the "global" warming he brings will only be a precurser to TOTAL destruction of the present structure!

Greg said...

Good site! I am a fellow upstate blogger (but over in Rock Hill).

I found your site by following a hit that came to mine. I agree with you that, as far as I can tell, the "science" behind GW takes more faith than it takes to be a Christian. That's why I believe it is approaching religious status.

Pop over to my site sometime for a visit and check out my posts on GW.