Sunday, February 11, 2007

Does the Cent make sense?

A New York Times Op-Ed piece raises an interesting question: Is the Lincoln Penny disrespectful of the Great Imancipator?

Of course, the fact that I am a diehard southerner, and long-time resident of the sovereign state of South Carolina, might just color my opinions of the "greatest president." But, be that as it may, I suppose my earlier blog in the penny's defense still stands. But should it retain Lincoln? And should he be replaced by a new indian or perhaps another president?

The NYT writer supposes a new president of lower standing for the penny (after the planned commemoratives in 2009 and 2010). After that, he supposes a new $2 or $5 coin with the same portrait of Lincoln. I vote for the $5 coin to coincide with the $5 bill. That will make it easier for the paper money to be phased out!

The writer proposes James Buchanan or Andrew Johnson [Lincoln's successor who survived impeachment by one vote]. How about it, readers? Any suggestions?


Matt said...

I like your blog. I read a few articles, and I like that you are informed about what you write about and generally know what you think.

The penny I think is fine the way it is. I don't think its a symbol of disrespect to put Lincon on the lowest denomination of currency we have because it is still currency. The honor bestowed is not related to the value of the commemoration. Lincon is certainly one of the greatest presidents in US history no-matter what money they do or don't put him on.

Henry Martin said...

I proposed elsewhere that the penny be smaller as to defray its cost. Perhaps as a system of coinage vs. currency (with coins actually having VALUE) the penny could perhaps take on a different president (there could be a contest!) while Lincoln and Washington could take the same place they have now on the ONE DOLLAR COIN and the FIVE DOLLAR COIN. Just a thought.