Friday, December 08, 2006

Old hobbies and New

I found an interesting post while checking out my email today. I use "Legacy Family Tree" and in their email "Legacy News" I found out that Santa Claus has died! His family fondly remembers him though. :-)

Geneaology, though, is my "old hobby." Since I have gone as far as I can using free softwarer and websites, I thought maybe encyclopedia articles would be a good way to get my "gift of knowledge" dispensed to the world!

I spent the good part of the evening editting an article at "Wikipedia." The English language version is found at If you type in the home page will come up from which you have to choose "English" to go to the proper "version." Any way, I chose to edit the page for "Dawson, Georgia," having found a celebrity who had been born there. Additionally, I added a section on local education since I and my siblings were educated in the area.

It went okay, though I inadvertantly used a "blacklisted" URL for one of the schools. A little googling found the official link, though. I found out that this predominantly black school (the only four year school in Albany, Ga.) was originally a BIBLE school established in 1903! Go to the "Dawson, Georgia" page at "Wikipedia" for all the details. :-)

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