Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cats do the darnest things!

This evening, as with most of this week, I am rather tired. However, I did do some surfing of the blogs and in the course of things came upon Bestest Blog, a link exchange where I am one of over a thousand blogs (see sidebar for permanent link). Today's "Bestest" is Trisha's Musings, Bestest Blog for Dec. 7, 2006 (the guy is either on UT or is posting early!)

Trisha is a nurse and a mom, as is my wife. And she featured this video from youtube recently. Since we have a cat that is sometimes skidish, and sometimes sleeps quite close to the edge of the couch, I especially enjoyed this (I played it over at least three times!)

Cats are a hoot, huh? :-)

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Bobby Griffin said...

Yeah, I posted early. I am a high school teacher and get up really early (i.e. right about now), so I go to bed early and like to post before I do!