Sunday, October 19, 2008

Proposing a "Scenario"

Surfing the political postings, I came upon a site "the Arena" which asked its readers to propose a scenario in which McCain/Palin would win in November. Most respondents were ridiculous liberals that trashed the Republican ticket and/or voters. Some conservatives came through, and some liberals gave "worst case" scenarios from their point of view.

I went over to RealClearPolitics and found the polls show that Obama "solid" and "leaning" states have it clinched as of now. That electoral map looks like this:

If you click on the image, it will give you a full version of the map (I think). The light blue are "leaning" to Obama, and the gray states are "toss up." Assuming a successful turning of two traditionally Republican states (Virginia and Colorado) to turn toward McCain (Virginia being the home of Liberty University, and Colorado being the home of Focus on the Family) and the "toss up states to lean toward McCain, and turning Minnesota (traditionally Democratic) into a toss up state, I come up with this predicted electoral map for November 1:

Those changes are not that far out there, IMHO, and the race is still really too close to call. If the Christian Right is as serious about the "dangers" of losing this election as the radical left is, then this second map will be an accurate prediction. I have not seen any polls that factor in the Constitution and Libertarian parties which might siphon off some votes from both sides. But I don't think they will be a factor in the long run.

My advice to the Christian Right: Get out the vote! Stand up or prepare to stand back. God is righteous and America is ripe for judgment. With Reagan we were given our chance only seven years after Roe vs. Wade. But we were focused more on the economy than on righteousness. The result -- Abortion on demand remains the "law of the land." Then, a third party candidate siphoned off enough votes to give us Bill Clinton -- Twice! That was enough to give us ample warning to mend our ways. We "fought back." In 1994 we took back the Congress, but not by enough to effect change. And then, we got another chance -- the former president's son was elected by the barest of margins -- twice! The Congress and the presidency, and almost the Supreme Court, became conservative. But still iniquity rules.

A chance came for George W. Bush to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was pro-life. And it was not an anti-abortion bill. The case was a real, live adult. Permanently brain damaged, possibly by her husband, Terry Shaivo was allowed to die by orders of that very same husband. Bush -- and his brother in Florida -- could have PERSONALLY stepped in and stood in the gap. But they bowed to the "rule of law," where the "law" was the opinion of a corrupt probate judge! The war was lost at that point, IMHO.

I say that to admit that my "scenario" is just another move of MERCY from God who would be just in allowing this nation to go the way of other corrupt empires of the past. I pray not for justice, but for mercy!

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Scott said...

This reminds me of the electronic touch screen that CNN used in their predictions.