Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is the truth out there?

It's enough to be something out of the "X-Files"! Barach Hussein Obama, Jr., was born of an American citizen, by a Kenyan citizen. This is a given -- he is a "Jr." Beyond that, though, his citizenship is anyone's guess.

Obama, Sr., brought his wife Anne Dunham Obama to Kenya as she was at term. He was going to show her off, and let the family see his new son, I suppose. They didn't like the fact that she was white, so she wanted out -- back to Hawaii. It appears that she might not have made it. The man who would be president of the US was born instead in his father's Kenya! Or so says the family there.

Anne got out of Kenya fast, registering the newborn as being born in Hawaii two days after he was born in 1961. The Kenyan strongman who had fathered the child soon divorced his white wife, to be married several times more. An Indonesian suiter to the young Hawaiian student won her heart and claimed the child as his own, applying (and lying) to the Indonesian government for citizenship of the child. He went to elemetary school in Indonesia as a citizen there.

Back in Hawaii at age 11, but without his mother, it is assumed that he reapplied for US citizenship (so if he had been born there he would regain his "natural born" status). A Pennsylvania lawyer has filed suit for some answers but the DNC has filed to block the suit. Why? If this man is not an "natural born citizen" then let's put Hilary on the ticket (with Biden?) and go with her. If the original Kenyan birth certificate can be produced, then of course, the same choice has to be made. A "duplicate certificate" has been produced from Hawaii (date stamped Nov. 7, 2007) which is supposed to be the end of it.

Why bother with all this? The man who in 2006 could only be expected to carry Illinois has been polled as having the electorial votes to win (as of last week). He is the most liberal Senator after only four years there. But he is presenting himself as a centrist. I am a centrist. This man is not! Why could the DNC not choose someone with less baggage? The choice came down to "superdelegates" -- Senators, governors, etc. -- that run the party. And they overwhelmingly went for the young "black" man. It is so strange.

What is the truth? What if America votes and THEN it is proven to be against Obama? The election of 2000 will look like child's play then! Can you imagine a NEW election? Or perhaps President Baiden? Martial Law with Bush remaining in control?

I recieved an email putting me onto this story. A search reached this article.

The truth is out there. Is anyone willing to find it?

Added Oct. 18:

A friend found the YouTube version of the report. View below

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