Monday, June 23, 2008

Through the Looking Glass.- Reflections on a weird day

It is 11:11 pm. An appropriate time to "reflect" on a "Through the Looking Glass" type of day!

As I left the house this morning the clock read 7:17 -- pretty good as mornings go, for I was going to be on time! As I arrived at work, another clock showed 7:47. I knew something was up, though, when I looked at the odometer -- the trip-meter read 66.6. Yeah, that number again. But then things took a "turn" -- for above the trip-meter the odometer read 179992, with the "999" almost directly above the "666."

And then, I saw how the day was going to be a bit unusual. Technical difficulties delayed my day around four hours. No, I don't think it was four hours and four minutes (4:04) or any such reversible formula -- but then, it might have been. [Full disclosure: some of these times and figures were approximate, not all clocks being synchronized.]

And so, I headed out to my truck at 12:21 as the hands on the analogue clock showed an eerie "mirror image" of the normal time of around eight o'clock. It was around 1:21 when we reached our first stop. From that time on, the day progressed at about the same pace as normal, only about four hours behind schedule.

At our last stop, we finished at 8:28 or about the same time PM that we would have STARTED our first stop AM. We then preceded to base, clocking a rare "upside down reflection" on the odometer: 106890.1. And so, we arrived after 8 hours and 18 minutes (8:18) on the road. I pulled out of the bay to go park the truck at 21:12 (9:12 pm, but we record times in 24-hr mode).

I clocked out at 21:21, having put in thirteen hours and thirty one minutes (13:31). I got out of my car at 9:58 (21:58) -- 14 hours and 41 minutes after I stepped out the door. That's right 14:41! Stepping into the house, I see the clock on the wall reading 10:01.

Alice, I'm home!

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Susannah said...

A numerically weird day.