Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Wall of Separation

Who would have thought that traffic engineers would be "peace keepers." But that seems to be the case in Israel. With all the talk about a separate Palestinian (that is, Philistine) state within the Biblical bounds of Israel, the present government seems to have come up with a solution for "separate, but equal" access through lands claimed by the separate peoples. Two parallel roads, divided by a concrete, fake stone wall, will bypass Jerusalem. Only verified Israeli or authorized Palestinians will have access to the road with exits into town. Palestinians can pass by town but not enter (routed under or over access roads).

Israel is willing to give up some of its land for peaceful "co-existence," but it will not allow Jerusalem to be used as a capital for its ancient enemies. From King David's time on, this city has been considered holy. In Solomon's time it became not only the capital, but the "home" of YHWH! How can the home of God be sold out from under Him?! Of course, we know that He owns it all. Not only that, His temple is not His home. God's home is with and IN His people! This is why I believe that the literal interpretation of all the "eternal" promises to Jerusalem are so misguided.

The city is not meant to be an eternal point in space that God considers sacred. The terrestrial city has served its purpose, being replaced by a temporal spiritual city (the church) that points to the eternal "New Jerusalem" which will be the "center of worship" in a new heavens-and-earth. This center of the new universe is described as a cube twelve thousand stadia (approx. 1380 miles) to a side. The only other cube in scripture is the "Holy of holies" - the inner sanctuary where the ark of the covenant was (1 Kings 6:16-20). It was there that God "dwelt." The symbolism is perfect, as the account in Revelation seems to make quite clear (Rev. 21:1-2, 10-27). That city will be the ultimate in "separation" as the eternally blessed will forever be with God while those outside (Rev. 22:15, see also Rev. 21:8) will forever be apart from His love and protection!

Unfortunately, many who consider themselves "God's people" driving on the Israeli side of these new roads in Israel are "heading in the wrong direction" while there is a large contingency of Christians (probably larger than all the Christian Jews in the land) in the population relegated to the other side of the wall. Such irony.

Read about the wall and the roads at the article at the New York Times.

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