Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fifty Million Killed

Fifty Million Dead! That's more killed per day than were killed on 9/11 !

The last thirty-four years have NOT seen an improvement in the lives of America's women. And it is NOT the fault of the political or religious right with a "continuing prejudice" against the fairer sex.

Abortion on demand has slacked off a bit in some places - such as South Carolina - but it is not all together clear why. I mean, really, the very ones that would be seeking abortions are those that never saw life outside of the womb. It can be reasonably assumed that around twenty-five million of those abortions were to the developing lives of girls, many of who would undoubtably grown up as "victoms" of society and "used" by the men in their lives!

But the numbers seem to be about the same year by year. Of course, we have gone from 200 million to 300 million in those three decades or so. And so, the "rate" of abortions has fallen. But our politicians can't seem to uphold the nations abhorance to "partial birth" abortions. That is, if you can call the court system "political." And you know it is (even if they deny it).

And so, here it is. After two weeks of silence, I rant again!

We pro-lifers have "science" our side and still continue to stumble politically. A conservative president gets two appointments to the Supreme Court in one year and we still have to "worry" about a "swing" vote in a pseudo-conservative put in by a previous "conservative" president. You'd think that with FIVE of NINE justices being Catholic the pro-life issues would be a "slam dunk." Not so. A "Kennedy" holds the cards in the Court even as a far-left Kennedy takes over a "ruling" position in the Senate. No relation. But we wonder. Hmmm....

Enough for now.


hondo said...

We continue to stumble because, collectively, we are afraid to speak up. We are afraid to rock the boat. We are afraid of being impolite. We are afraid to get loud in opposition to sin. We are afraid to rebuke those who teach a false path to God. We are afraid, because our faith is weak.

Henry Martin said...

Well, it looks like a significant number of conservatives took their collective silence to allow a return of liberal control to both houses of congress.

Here in South Carolina I took a principled stand that helped elect a liberal to the office of Secretary the State Education Department. I voted Libertarian for that office, and along with about 450 others we denied the post to the Republican. That was out of about a million votes cast!

EAG said...

I was angry at George Bush Sr after Desert Storm, so I voted for Ross Perot and we ended up with Clinton....sometimes we stab ourselves because we don't look at the bigger picture.
I hope we are smarter in 08.