Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Anti-christ revealed?

Tonight I updated my profile, adding a new picture of myself.

In the process, I saw that I was born in the Chinese "year of the dragon" (just barely, since the New Year usually begins in late January). Even more scary, my astrological sign is that of the GOAT. The goat head "pentagram" is a symbol most often identified with Satan.

In a posting to my blog months ago I received an unsolicitated appeal from a writer who claims that Christianity is the worst of the Abrahamic faiths all of which are false religions. That writer claims to be the "Lion of Judah" and the Lamb as seen in the Revelation. He bases this belief partly on his being born simultaneously in the year of the Sheep and under the sign of Leo. This, he says, is PROOF that he is the one spoken of in the Revelation!

And so, I figure that the same logic makes me a great candidate for the Antichrist! Couple that with the "fact" that my name "Henry Martin," phonetically spelled in the Greek as 'enri martin, does happen to add up to "666" the evidence adds up! Of course, the original photo of my profile is irrefutable "proof":

Scary indeed!

The fullsize picture, before correction, catches the "red eye" effect quite well. The goatee and the toothy smile help add to the illusion. Prophecy watchers, look for this creature to emerge in 2019 at the age of "66 and 6months" (That's on the 6th month and 6th day)!

Wait, that's about a decade too early for the 2000th anniversary of Jesus' earthly ministry. I see a fallacy to this myth in the making! Hmmm...

You can do quite a bit with a few numbers and "coincidences," can't you?

Happy New Year everyone. :-)

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