Friday, March 02, 2012

Winding down after midnight

It's frivolous, but I sometimes have to wind down before going to bed.  I have a knock off of Scrabble on my desktop called "Scribble" to avoid lawsuits.  It's a free app for the desktop with a built in dictionary the computer opponent uses that must be close to the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary!  I actually contacted the creator of the game the first of two times I beat the computer (I hardly ever come close, even using my computerized dictionary!) and he assures me that the computer does not "cheat."

Well, anyway I thought I'd post this little "victory" here just so it's out there.  I lost, as usual, but I ended well.  I seldom come up with the right letters to build 7-letter words, and then I can't place them on the board when I do. This time, two in a row fit -- much to my surprise.  The words they made were not ones I even know, so part of it is luck.  But I got 137 of 310 points right at the end of the game!  I added 6 more points with the last move, finishing "just" 110 points behind!  I played hard and "finished well."

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