Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rise of Cain

For the few of you that may actually check this out, I wish to leave notice that I have written a book and "published" it at  It is currently available online at Lulu and coming soon to Barnes & Noble as an e-book.  I have it ready, I think, for publication as a paperback, but have yet to make it available.  I am thinking of first ordering a few of the paperbacks for local distribution first.

Anyway, the book is entitled "Rise of Cain" and is about life in the first century of the world (years 1 through 133, to be exact).  I am hoping for a little feedback in the form of reviews.  But, so far, only my wife has read the whole book.  I have sent a copy to my brother David, but have not heard from him.  Perhaps my pricing will have to come down for the e-book.  We'll see.

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