Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mike Huckabee - The Only Conservative Left!

Well, folks. It is down to a two-man race. Well, Ron Paul hasn't backed down, so technically we're looking at a three-man race. But even that being said, Mike Huckabee is the only Conservative left in the presidential race. Ron Paul is a libertarian at heart.

No one, even his staunchest supporters, can claim that John McCain is more conservative than Governor Huckabee. They will point to his "maverick" voting record as a strength - proof that he can work things out with the Democrats. Or even that he is following his convictions instead of the party line. But a conservative?

Here is a link to an interview this past Friday - before "Super Tuesday" - in which the governor answers some tough questions from Christian interviewers. This program was called "Americans of Faith"

In just a few days a few more states will have their turn. Huckabee has an even better chance to pick up the "red states" left. He has already shown strength in the south (which any candidate must get to become president). Can he deny McCain the 1,119 delegates? Can he actually surpass the senator and secure them himself? Or will there be a brokered convention?

Voters in the upcoming primaries and caucuses, you owe it to yourself to check out Mike Huckabee's website. If it you are looking for a conservative who has beat the Clinton machine numerous times - check out Mike. If you are looking for charisma to challenge the youth of the Obama wave - check out Mike. If you want to feel good about voting Republican to keep the Deomocrats out of the White House in November - Check out Mike!

Go Mike!

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