Sunday, March 18, 2007

A dot in the middle of Canada

I have a "neat" counter in the side bar that locates hits from all over the world. Lately I have used Google maps to locate the lone dots out in the middle of "nowhere." I am pretty certain of one in Russia (Google only had ONE town in the vicinity) and tonight I was zooming in on the Northwest Territories to see if I could identify a couple of lone dots there as well. One was on Hudson Bay and I am almost certain it was from the hamlet of Arviat (pop. 2060, again the only settlement near that spot on the map). I am split between two small towns on the McKenzie River for another hit: either Ft. Providence (pop. 835) or Ft. Simpson (it has it's own website and looks to be about the same size as Ft. Providence) with Ft. Simpson more likely since it seems more connected to the net (internet access at the library!)

Just a little distraction on a Saturday evening. Maybe these accidental hits will re-contact me.

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